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2020 06-22
The Live Streaming Of The Online Canton Fair Gift Towel And Bathrobe
2020 11-21
Tips for Choosing Towels Towels are indispensable in our daily life, but some towels neither absorb water nor can they be twisted clean. There are some threads appearing within a few days of use. These towels are sub-towels. How to choose a good towel? The following towel manufacturer will tell everyone about the tips for buying towels.
2020 11-07
How to Soften Towels The towel at home becomes hard after being used for a long time, just like a bath towel. Generally, the towel is used for this one.
2020 10-22
What Do People Demand for Towels? The development trend of towels requires better and better product textures. Green, safe and environmentally friendly towels are daily necessities that directly contact the human body.
2020 10-14
Towel Care Common Sense Avoid overheating and prolonged drying when washing cotton towels.
2020 09-25
How to Choose High-Quality Towel Products? Purchase towels at regular stores: The purchase sources of regular shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores generally have strict inspection and review procedures, and the products are basically produced by regular manufacturers.
2020 09-14
The Origin and Development of Towels The first towel in the world was born in 1850 and it was made in the UK, with a history of more than 150 years.
2020 08-21
How to Choose Towels? As one of the commonly used home textiles, towels often touch the skin of the human body, which has a very bad effect on people's health.
2020 08-19
How to Deal with the Yellowing of Towels? One of the reasons for the yellowing of the towel is that we put it under the sun and expose it to the sun.
2020 08-19
How to Deal With Hardened Towel? Towels will no longer be soft after long use, and will become hard. In general, many people choose to replace it at this time, but there are always times when it can’t be connected.
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