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What Do People Demand for Towels?

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The development trend of towels requires better and better product textures. Green, safe and environmentally friendly towels are daily necessities that directly contact the human body. Their quality will directly affect our health, especially babies are more susceptible. Towels are generally pure cotton products. During the production process, they usually undergo chemical processing such as bleaching, dyeing, and softening, which naturally brings some chemical substances to the towels. If these chemical substances exceed the mandatory national requirements of the "National Textile Products Basic Safety Technology" Standardizing the requirements of the GB18401-2003 standard will cause greater harm to the human body, such as high pH, excessive formaldehyde content, carcinogenic dyes, etc., so we must pay attention to whether the towels meet the above-mentioned standards when consuming towels. This tells us that when we buy towels of good quality, generally speaking, manufacturers have passed ISO14000 environmental system certification, and their products have passed Oeko-Texstandard100 standard certification, which all meet the above requirements.

Towel Gift

The practicability of the product should be strong. The practicability of the towel product is mainly manifested in several aspects: soft hand feeling, strong water absorption, less hairiness, strong and durable. High-end towels such as untwisted towels, cut pile towels, and high-hair spiral towels are typical representatives.

The product must be functional. The functions of towel products mainly include antibacterial and sterilization functions, easy-to-wash and quick-drying functions, infrared health care functions, negative oxygen ion functions, self-cleaning functions, fragrance functions, nutritional functions (vitamins), etc. This kind of towel is not cheap, so we should spend it reasonably. The towels in this area mainly include chitin composite fiber towels, bamboo fiber towels, superfine fiber towels, Richcel fiber towels, bamboo carbon fiber, etc.

The product is more decorative. Beautiful towels are very decorative and can embellish home and beautify life. This type of towel is mainly manifested as: beautiful color patterns, various laces, beautiful embroidery, etc. When choosing towels, we must consider the color and pattern of the home, so that it can be coordinated.

The color should be in line with the current popular colors in 2008. Home textile products are mainly popular soft beige, clear sky blue, goose green, egg yolk, noble and romantic purple, mature camel, coffee, dark blue, wine red, sexy orange and so on. These colors can coordinate with the things that we come into contact with each other, and produce the basic effect of "harmony".

Towels are daily consumables, so far there is no substitute for them, and everyone cannot do without her. Towel products basically have no seasonality, no gender, no age, and no strong popularity. They are suitable for a wide range of products; in addition, the finely crafted towel products are of high quality and elegant taste, which just reflects the "little courtesy" The gift spirit of "sentimental" is very suitable for walking between relatives and friends. In Japan, towels as gifts have long been a tradition; in Europe, towels are also popularized as gifts, as evidenced by the increase in dedicated towel gift booths at the Frankfurt Fair.

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