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Tips for Choosing Towels

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Towels are indispensable in our daily life, but some towels neither absorb water nor can they be twisted clean. There are some threads appearing within a few days of use. These towels are sub-towels. How to choose a good towel? The following towel manufacturer will tell everyone about the tips for buying towels.

1. Brightly colored towels

Whether it’s printed or plain towels, as long as the materials are exquisite and the craftsmanship is in place, they must be very bright and fresh at a glance. Don’t buy old-colored towels because they are generally simple in craftsmanship and poor in materials Hinder your health.

2.Towels with clear patterns

In addition to being practical, the towel is also a work of art, lifelike, a painting, and a kind of decoration, giving people a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Putting them in any place in the room will not be unfavorable. Don't buy shoddy and mysterious fakes. .

Soft Towel

3. Soft towel

The soft towel gives people a feeling of comfort and enjoyment, and it is elastic in the hand. The towel should not be dry or hard, so as not to hurt your skin.

4. Super absorbent towel

Towels must have good water absorption, which requires high-quality cotton, advanced technology and printing and dyeing processes, and complete testing and inspection methods.

5.Fashionable, fine-made towels

Towels can have a variety of different styles, such as spiral, cut pile, plain color, printing, and can also add satin files, satin edges, embroidery, appliques, beards, inlays and other technical methods. Such towels are generally made of exquisite materials and high-quality, coupled with fine seam, horizontal and vertical, just right trademark sewing, etc., the towel looks very elegant, can't find faults, and makes people love it. Don't buy those shoddy, Towels without trademarks and exact origin.

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