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1. Custom objects: enterprise, team, employee welfare

2.Custom products: all products of our website

3. MOQ of standard size towels: bath towel for 500 pcs, hand towel for 500pcs, face towel for 1000pcs,bath       mat for 500pcs (pcs/item) special size, consulting customer service

4. Custom time: custom time related to the quantity of workmanship. Adavantage of our custom: high quality     ,short delivery time.

5. Custom workmanship: printing, embroidery, jacquard etc.

1 2 3 4 5 6

   Jacquard          Embroidery       Printing        Weft Jacquard    Yarn Dyed            Satin

6.Yarn count

11 22 33

16S                     32s/2                21s/2


1. If client needs to custom embroidery, jacquard, printing craft products, plate-making of towel will be        done in advance. Then, workers will focus on weaving, dyeing and sewing towels.Product could not be  modified once it finished and we do not accept any reasons that return purchase or replace the products .

You must be careful to inspect and check the design sketch for reducing the unnecessary losses.

2.Due to different PC monitor and light intensity of environment, there may be color different between  displayed logo and actual logo, so please contact with customer service for more specific details.

3. All products have to pass strict inspection before delivery. Due to the craft limits, products that have  size, weight deviation and lint floating phenomenon in small quantities,which all in line with national  standards permit.