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Why hotel bed linen, bedding and towels are white?

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1. Clean and tidy. Hotel bedding is used by many people, white can make you feel clean, is not easy to hide dirt. Occupancy of people need not worry about health problems, can see at a glance what dirt out.

2. Prevent fading. All the bedclothes, no matter what color, used a long time will fade, fade to sleep sleep stay will feel someone else' s old bed, the hotel business. Or use white, can't make out a long time.

3. Avoid diversity. Everyone has different preferences, if you do not use sheets of the same color, when everyone staying will be picky, like what color what color do not like or something like that. All in one color without the inmate personal screening process, avoid the loss of customers.

4. Easy to clean. When cleaning with bleach, no matter what stains, bleach clean. So we found it, all without the slightest stain on the bedclothes, bleached of all credit, if using laundry detergent, wash it, impossible to achieve this effect.

5. Set off. Most guesthouses and hotels have carpets, rugs or red or other colors. But carpets are generally not too clean and white can not only bring out everywhere is clean, can also divert attention from an inmate, because everyone likes to clean things.

6. There is another important reason, is Hotel linen is made of pure cotton, and cotton is white, natural and healthy!