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What Should I Do If the Towel Smells?

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Towels are essential daily necessities for everyone’s daily life. After long-term use, they will appear sticky, smelly, and harden. Towels that are not cleaned in place are more dirty than rags, and they breed countless bacteria, so they are not suitable for wiping the body. If you don’t want to buy a replacement, you may wish to refer to the coup provided by the towel manufacturer to make your towel look new.

1. Soak in lemon water for one day, and then rinse.

2. Add 5 teaspoons of table salt to the hot water, put in the towel at the same time, boil for 10 minutes, remove it, and wash off the salt with water (this method is simple and the towel after washing is more durable), if the towel is still sticky, You can add another teaspoon of soda.

3. High temperature disinfection is the most effective way to clean towels. You can boil the towels in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash them with detergent. After washing, take them to a ventilated place to dry. If you find it a little troublesome to cook with boiling water, you can also microwave it in a microwave oven for 5 minutes after washing the towel, which can also achieve the effect of high temperature disinfection.

Face Towel

4. Wash a face towel with suggested that wash a face with towel alone had better not be used to wipe the sweat, wipe the body and so on, only used in clean face after washing a face, because use towel to wipe the body, the body secretions, bacteria, dirt, grease, easy to adhere to the towel, if there is no regular disinfection and cleaning, it becomes sticky or dry out state, so it's best every week to clean towel do it again, don't let the towel for bacteria to hurt the skin.

5. Use vinegar and soda powder to taste, in addition, also available vinegar or soda powder to remove the taste, according to the general laundry program cleaning, adding two spoonful of white vinegar in the washing machine, can also add an appropriate amount of hot water, at this time do not add laundry essence, soft agent or anything else, direct start washing machine cleaning.

Tips for preventing towel odor

1. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water after use;

2. Clean with detergent regularly;

3. After use, it must be placed in a ventilated place to dry;

4. You can use sterilized towels or bamboo fiber towels, chitin fiber towels, and bamboo charcoal fiber towels;

5. The most important point is that towels should not be used for a long time without changing, it is best to update once a month.


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