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The Origin and Development of Towel

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The first towel in the world was born in 1850 and it was made in the UK, with a history of more than 150 years. From the simplest single-color flat wool towel at the beginning to the present satin jacquard, printed, untwisted towel, cut pile towel, etc. It is the textile product with the shortest development time and the fastest development speed.

1. The basic concept of towels

Towel is a fabric with loop structure made by interweaving three system yarns. The yarns of these three systems are wool warp, ground warp and weft yarn. With the development of science and technology, warp-knitted towel fabrics have appeared again. This kind of towel loops are firmly consolidated, but the form is relatively simple. The vast majority of the market is woven towels.

2. Classification and use of towels

According to the different places of use, it is generally divided into two types: household and hotel.

Household towel products are the closest to us, with more designs and styles, and strong personalization; hotel towel products mainly include face towels, square towels, bath towels, bathrobes, floor mats, etc., generally plain or White, thick and practical, due to the need for frequent high-temperature disinfection and washing, high product quality requirements, the raw materials used are generally first-class combed fine-lint cotton.


3. The correct use and storage of towels

Dedicated person, dedicated towel: towels are likely to cause cross-infection, it is recommended that individuals use them alone, and configure towel products for different purposes according to needs.

Wash properly and disinfect regularly: Towels are often damp and easily breed harmful bacteria, mites and other microorganisms, which are harmful to our body. Therefore, we must frequently wash, sun or disinfect with ultraviolet rays, and store them correctly. When washing, pay attention to the washing method on the washing label. Hang in a dry and ventilated place when airing, and dry naturally or with hot air. Avoid residues of human sweat and make towels brittle; avoid residues of oil and dander on the surface of the human body, breeding bacteria, and making towels smelly and sticky.

Timely replacement: Frequent use of towels is likely to cause residual dirt on the terry layer, which is not easy to be cleaned, and the hygienic index decreases. Consumers should replace them in time according to the time of use. It is recommended to replace once every three months.

The above infroamtion is provided by towel manufacturer.