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Mofisi Thanks For Your Support, Let’s Go Ahead Together In 2018

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Mofisi experiences many things and thanks all customers and friends again.

Thank you for having gone through this stories with Mofisi Weaving Co., Ltd. 


Did you find out? 


In 2017,

01 Our company purchased many imported latest rapier looms,

02 At the same time, we also expanded our factory 1000.

03 New purchased automatic sewing machines. 



We have participated in many different kinds of exhibitions at home and abroad, Dubai, Thailand and Guangzhou exhibitions. Show the strength and image of the enterprise, let more people enjoy quality towel and bathrobe. Believe in the strength 

of the brand!


Company Welfare

In order to let employees relax after work, improve communication and communication between employees, pleasant trip is offered by the company.


Thank you to all customers.


2018. Let’s Go Ahead Together.


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