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May I know your Development History? Of Course!

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Development History

We are towel and bathrobe manufacturer

June 24, 2004: The company was founded, possessed 25, 000USD  registered capital and 14 set shuttle looms

Nov.2005: 80,000USD for the registered capital & 24 shuttle looms

Oct. 2006: 24 set shuttle looms & 2 set rapier looms

2008: 24 set jacquard woven machines & 4 set rapier looms

2009: 44 set shuttle looms & 4 set rapier looms

2011: Set up sales office of 500

June 2012: New factory covers an area of 6000

Aug. 2013: Exploit the overseas market,

New plant steps on work and owns 800, 000 USD registered capital.

2015: 2. 4 million USD registered capital,

12 set high-speed& 4 middle-speed rapier looms

2016: Set up 1000doubling-line workshop and slashing workshop,

16 set high speed rapiers

2017: New plant 1200is further expanding,

20 set high-speed rapiers, new purchase for new automatic cutting machine and automatic sewing machine

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