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Maintaining a soft towel method

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After using the towel over time it will become very hard, very rough, just not as soft start, how can the towel to keep it soft?

1, the rice water (first two times) into the pot, put the towel to cook, boil and then cook for a while on the line. After doing so will be white towel, softens, becomes thicker than the original, there will be a touch of rice cakes.

2, the washing liquid on the towel in hot water, or hot boiled for 5 minutes, then hot wash it.

3, from time to time and always wash towels with soap, detergent or lye boil a few minutes, can prevent the hair hard. When the towel should boil all the flooding in order to avoid and reduce the softness in contact with air oxidation

4, wash towel, the towel into the ride has concentrated soap, vinegar and water or alkaline water to boil for a moment, the cooking time should make soap submerged towels. Then rinse, followed by warm water rinse several times with water, dry ventilated place. After drying, soft towel will resume. Need to be reminded that the towel can not long in the sun exposure, usually hanging in ventilated place to dry naturally is better.

5, towels science disinfection: towel first with boiling water about 10 minutes, then wash with soap, then rinse with clean water, and finally folded towel into the microwave, heat for 5 minutes.

6, the best approach is to use vinegar, the vinegar in a 1: 4 solution, the water not more diffuse through the towel on the line, soak 5 minutes, then scrub and then rinse with water can be.