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How to pick a qualified hotel towel?

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Towels everyone used every day for daily use, but how many people did not really understand the towel?

Supermarkets are selling towel is what material Maybe you do not pay more attention, looking to buy a good-looking, but different material towel softness will be different, and we all know that cotton towel, but there are others you I do not know, to tell you the following two materials towels.

Cotton towels are pure cotton yarn as raw material woven into the surface fluff loop pile or cut pile loop pile woven fabrics, cotton towels refers to the so-called towel cotton yarn made use of. What are the characteristics it does, consider the following points:

Absorbent strong, larger shrinkage, about 4 to 10%

Alkaline not acid. Cotton on the inorganic acid is very unstable, even very dilute sulfuric acid so that it will be destroyed, but weak organic acids, almost no damaging effects. Cotton yarn than the alkali, generally dilute alkali at room temperature for cotton effect does not occur, but the strong base effect, cotton strength will decline towel. Often the use of 20% caustic soda solution processing cotton, can be obtained "mercerized" cotton.

Light resistance, heat resistance in general. Cotton will slowly be oxidized in the sun and the atmosphere, so that a strong decline. Long-term high temperature make the cotton is destroyed, but its tolerance of 125 ~ 150 ℃ short heat treatment.

Microbes on cotton fabrics has damaging effects, showing impatience mold in.

Health: The cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main ingredient is cellulose, a small amount of a waxy substance and nitrogenous matter and pectin. Cotton fabric by many inspection and practice, fabric contact with the skin without any stimulation, no negative effects, beneficial and harmless to humans wear long, health good performance.

Cotton refers to cotton blended fabric with polyester as the main component, 65% -67% -35% polyester and 33% cotton mixed yarn woven into textiles, commonly known as polyester-cotton towels. Only highlights the style of polyester cotton fabrics have strengths in dry and wet conditions are good flexibility and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, shrinkage is small, with straight, easy to fold, washable, quick drying characteristics. The disadvantage of polyester: cotton polyester fiber which belong to the hydrophobic fiber, a strong affinity for greasy, easily absorbed oil, and the wear process is easy to produce static electricity to attract dust, difficult to wash, but not soaked with hot iron and boiling water .

Then this should be how to distinguish between cotton towels and cotton towel:

Soft cotton towels feel comfortable, usually made of cotton towels are the finest cotton yarn, cotton yarn that is a (newborn cotton), fine cotton yarn that is first used in cotton, but other than cotton terry towel is usually part of the genus except cotton the other part is mostly polyester, nylon polyester namely; cotton polyester-cotton towels are commonly used secondary processing, also known as second-hand or old cotton cotton;

Cotton towel with burned later, only to leave a white powder, cotton towel and later burned, typically exhibit gray and black, there will be a hand to squeeze Situation nylon yarn;

After the water-soaked, absorbent cotton effect is better, after absorbing cotton, as cotton uniform;

The best way to test whether a cotton towel: generally recommended by fire is the best way.