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How to avoid the damaged hotel towels?

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How to avoid it?

1.You should properly use detergent, master proper feeding time and temperature, understand basic characteristics and method of use of detergent, avoid direct contact of cotton has a strongly acidic or caustic chemicals.

2. Sorting works well before washing, including towel linen kind of sorting and separation of debris.

3. You should always check the machine, towels linen collection and transportation have to be careful to prevent the secondary pollution and man-made damage, washing loads of fashion to the right (80%~85%), too much or too little on grass cloth towels wash and wear has an impact, empty check whether having a sharp, metal debris left in the drum of the machine.

4. A new classification of the old linen towels, old towels linen natural damage and abnormal damage should be treated differently, new and old towels linen length of dehydration should be different with different strength.