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Hotel Towel: How to buy towels?

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Hotel Towel: How to buy towels! A good bath towel to get people to use them not only comfortable, intimate, and will feel very relaxed. Especially in terms of the hotel, away from home customer wants good in the bath can relax and wash away one Lawton. The hotel can not be missing when purchasing a pair of eye buy towels, but also need to know some relevant knowledge. To introduce several good way to buy towels:

1. hotel towel color, the color the more simple the better

Many towels patterns are some ethnic patterns. Towels pattern is relatively clear and full, clear hierarchy, strong sense of relief, pile careful soft, soft touch, is as rich as the beauty of nature: the weave, satin, screw, cut pile, untwisted, jacquard and other technology can woven into beautiful patterns, people see that there is a special comfortable feeling.

2. the hotel towels require fine edging

Because the towels are in direct contact with the body's daily necessities, and in the production process can be made only by towels bleaching, dyeing and add soft chemical processing step. In the purchase of durable towel, soft absorbent towel is generally the best choice. And we need to look at the details of the towel production, there is always a good towel superior features exist, then we only need to pay attention to whether the superior under towel edging clean, beautiful, combined with signs of where it will be hidden process towels the details are fine and so these small details, you can, do not underestimate these small details and fine workmanship towels will be more durable.

3. comfortable hotel towels is good stuff

More and more are now available in the market with ethnic products, towels are no exception. But this colorful printing towels safe? It hazardous to your health? The hotel purchase is generally plain towels, this towel in the production process rarely used mailbox printing, mostly ethnic characteristics pattern that towels will use printing, try to buy major manufacturers of the procurement, in most cases are environmental protection, will rarely use harmful additives.

4. the hotel towels are not heavier the better, to thick and light

And I think differently, not towels thicker and durable, the kind of relatively thick wet towel in the water in addition to heavy, there is a major drawback is that the hotel is not easy to dry, thick fabric, but is lighter towels worth purchasing good "stuff."