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Cotton towels, bathrobes products we should be how to clean it?

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1. Water: We recommend washing with water after softening. Washing intensity with Mild washing program.

2, the first over the water is essential, many cotton towels, bathrobes jump yarn with the first ever water-related. Hotel towels, hotel bathrobes ball over the water with the relevant procedures.

3. once the wash water is recommended: wash temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. Main wash time is slightly shorter than normal tone of washing time, due to new towels almost no pollution, does not recommend running softener to avoid towels, bathrobes, non-absorbent. Or with the original towels, bathrobes softener chemical reaction, resulting in towels, bathrobes yellow, recommendations and washed with water.

4. washing pretreatment. Before using the drug should first wash the laundry prewash, washed by cold water, washed the laundry impurities and adhering dirt washed weaker.

5. the main wash: Water temperature should not exceed 75 ℃. At the same time capacity must load capacity of 70% -80%; obviously insufficient, especially when installed, it will increase the strength of the hotel towels washed. Effect of towels, bathrobes life.