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Cotton hotel towels are lint it?

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Cotton hotel towels are lint-free, lint-free towel cotton towels in all likelihood not this sentence is true?

This sentence is definitely wrong, and now the technology is already quite mature towel, first we analyze the lint cotton towel What are the reasons?

1. the use of low-grade cotton yarn, staple fiber over more than a towel on the finished product will be prone to the phenomenon of so-called hair loss.

2. premature bleaching and dyeing technology, dyeing technology if it is mature, even if short fibers may also be disposed in the dyeing process, the easiest way is to use a chemical agent (polishing enzyme), its role is to dispose of special semi-finished products of hair floating above the surface of the towel - short fibers, the finished product can be avoided in the future hair loss phenomenon.

3. generally by washing hotel towel professional cleaning company, using inappropriate cleaning methods and detergents, can also cause hair loss hotel towels. Some washing company in order to save costs, the use of poor quality detergents, towels in the washing process of damage, leading to hair loss phenomenon appears towel. Some prominent companies in the washing washing effect, excessive use of softener and bleach, can also cause pilling hotel towels, hair loss phenomenon.

4. hotel towel towel stocking improper storage can also cause hair loss during use of the phenomenon, and some hotel towels stocking long (over June) stored in the humidity too much space, so that cotton fiber tissue damage, also have hair loss phenomenon.

5. the current size of the domestic hotel towel, basically cotton, and such towel basically there will be no hair loss phenomenon. If you have just finished falling in the towel machine shop air batt. Washed first with water before use in the hotel to be completely washed away.