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Why Mofisi Team service is more professional than others?

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Why Mofisi Team service is more professional than others?

We feel confident.

We specialize in weaving towel and bathrobes for 14 years.

We are not arrogant .

We also provide the best service for you.


Sample Service

1. 2-3 days for color swatch,

2. 5-7 days for approval sample of plain color

3. 10-15days for approvel sample printing pattern

Customer can choose our own design or provide us your design

Order Service

1.   As soon as the order you given, we will confirm the towel design, quantity,date of delivery and the information of forwarder .

2.  We provide the production schedule for your any need time

3.  We give you a definite date of the towel delivery!

4.  We guarantee that the commodity is in conformity to all respects with the quality, specifications and performance as stipulated in this contract.

5.  After you received our hotel towels, we will send you the Client Service Table, if you have any suggestion or problem, please feel free to tell us.

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